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Product Information, Certifications, and Warranties

All BreathWell Products are certified and tested

Structure Diagram

correct diagram (1).png

Inclusions Per 1 Box

  • 1 Unit Air Purifier Machine

  • 1 Piece Soft Silicone Tube Connector

  • 1 Piece Mask Adapter Connector

  • 1 Piece Long Soft Silicone Tube

  • 1 Piece Short Soft Silicone Tube

  • 1 Piece Charging Cable

  • 1 Piece Extra HEPA H13 Replacement Filter

  • 2 Pieces KN95 Mask

  • 1 Piece Armband

  • 10 Pieces Small Round Stickers

  • 1 User Manual

  • 1 Certificate of Conformity 

Mask Comparison and Reference

correct diagram.png

Product Warranties

Warranty: Six months Limited warranty from date of purchase

Product Replacement: Subject to warranty conditions.

Conditions of replacement: Defective product must be surrendered to seller prior to processing of product replacement/ exchange.

Exceptions to Warranty :

  • Damage incurred due to improper use, handling, maintenance and storage.

  • Damage due to tampering and unauthorized repair.

  • Damage due to any form of water damage and/or impact.

  • Proof of purchase is altered and no certificate of conformity is presented.

  • Product code is inconsistent with product presented for warranty claim.

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