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Maximum Protection, Minimum Discomfort

BreathWell is committed to making BREATHING, the most basic necessity of life, safe, clean, and easy again. 

Established in 2020, the founders of BreathWell saw the need for people to have access to clean air wherever they may be. They brought into the Philippines technologies to advance your safety while also allowing you the opportunity to go about your day comfortably. 

With a wide range of usability, BreathWell's portable air purifiers are perfect for everyday use. 


The Better Way to Breathe

The Science Behind BW

Advance Japanese filter technologies ensure that air is filtered in and out efficiently. 

Stay protected always!

Lots of Ways to Wear

Keeping clean air always within your reach. 

There are 3 ways to wear your BreathWell device: around your neck, on your arm, or on the head band.

Use of Various Activities

Perfect for the following activities:

  • Everyday use

  • Sports/Running

  • For Errands

  • In the Office

  • At a job site

Know How to Use Our Product

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