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Air Volume Regulation

Mask Replacement

  • Use 1st and 2nd level wind power for daily use

  • Use 3rd level wind power for working or exercising

  • It is recommended to install the pipe and mask and run the purifier for 1 hour to blow off the smell of the rubber before wearing it the first time

  • Prepare a new mask, place our round sticker on the left or right position beside the nostril, use a pen to draw a circle along the round sticker's dotted line (about 12-14mm). Fold the circle drawn in hald and cut the hole with scissors

  • Attach the mask adapter connector and silicone tube to the mask.

Regular Wearing Method

Filter Replacement

  • Use on your upper arm with the included elastic armband. Adjust size to comfortable fit.

  • Use on your neck with the included customized lanyard. To unfasten lanyard clasp,press down on lock and pull to open. Close and press to fasten,

  • Use on the waist with a belt. (belt not included in the kit)

  • Wear the mask with the silicone tube connected to the air purifier at all times. If the silicone tube is short, extend the length with another tube using the included tube connector. Secure all gaps on connections.

  • The filter needs to be replaced when the air volume is 70% less than the new filter or after working for around 500 hours.

  • How to replace: Open the cover, remove the filter from the filter box for replacement. The bumping must be upward when installing, otherwise the filter will not fit. 

  • Masks need to be cleaned or replaced whenever they are dirty or soiled.

Cautions to Note:

  • The filter box is NOT waterproof, so avoid exposure to liquids or rain.

  • Strong impact on the device will compromise the device's functionality. Please avoid direct strong contact on the device.


When in Doubt, call your

BreathWell Agent for clarification


How to Use Video

How to Change the Filter

How to Use Arm Band and Lanyard

How to Cut a Hole in the Mask

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